Bass & Lemer LLP: "If we can't do it well, we don't do it at all."

Bass & Lemer handles the full-range of tax and accounting needs for the following types of clients:

Multi-Generational Families

The complex structure of many multi-generational families and the interplay of personal with business issues, create unique dynamics and challenges for multi-generational family clients.  Add in a mix of short-term and long-term wealth objectives and philanthropic endeavors, and the result is an intricate web of needs and goals that requires a distinct kind of attention.

Bass & Lemer works extensively with large families that operate businesses and/or maintain real estate holdings together to help them manage their diverse interests while reducing risk and sustaining wealth across generations. Because we understand personally the complexities associated with these situations, we are skilled at discreetly navigating the boundaries between private lives and co-mingled affairs and we are able to offer a broad spectrum of sophisticated solutions.


Real Estate Entities

Bass & Lemer has a significant real estate practice, both locally and internationally. Working with self-managed entities and managing agents, we help clients with compliance issues, tax return preparation, due diligence investigation, audit services, and more.


Nonprofit Organizations

Despite their tax-exempt status, not-for-profit organizations often have complex tax compliance and planning requirements. Bass & Lemer works with charitable entities such as synagogues, schools, youth outreach organizations, and private foundations to help them manage their audit and tax responsibilities. We not only provide comprehensive, timely, and accurate reporting services to these organizations, we also help them increase efficiencies, streamline processes, and make the most of their limited assets.


401(K) Audit Plans

401(k) plans are governed by ever-changing regulations issued by the IRS, DOL, ERISA, and the Social Security Administration. Because the rules are complex and strict, using a trusted auditor is critical to ensuring the integrity of your retirement plan and avoiding unnecessary litigation and fines. Bass & Lemer is a proud member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and has such a strong reputation for handling 401k audits sensitively, on-time, and with the utmost detail, that other CPA firms know us as the place to trust for assistance with their own statement preparations.